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Top Five Blog Posts of 2014

Posted: 31 Dec 2014 07:18 AM PST

Top Five Blog Posts of 2014

As 2014 comes to a close, we're looking back and taking stock of the variety of topics featured on the WASHfunders blog this year - from corporate philanthropy and sector sustainability to newly produced WASH resources . Our countdown of the top five most popular blog posts from 2014 reflects this variety.

5. Pre-paid Meters: Bringing Affordable Water to the Slums of Kampala

After visiting WaterAid's WASH programs in Kampala, Uganda, Senior Communications Advisor for WaterAid America , Libby Plumb, illustrates how the adoption of prepaid water meters has helped to increase access to safe water in the city's slums.

4. Let's Not Forget the Role of Philanthropy in Solving the Global Water Crisis

In November, Dr. Greg Allgood of World Vision wrote about the legitimate role that philanthropy and charity play in WASH service provision. In his post, Dr. Allgood observes that while business solutions currently dominate conversations around the global water crisis, hundreds of millions of people without WASH services are not served by these for-profit models and that, instead of favoring one approach above the other, both are needed.

3. Bio-toilets: Transforming Indian Sanitation

In India, achieving access to sanitation in areas without sewage infrastructure is a challenge that is increasingly being addressed through the production and provision of composting toilets. In his post from August, Sanjay Banka, Director at Banka BioLoo , describes the process by which these toilets break down waste and the business model that his company employs to ensure sustainability while producing a high-quality product.

2. 5 Questions for…David Auerbach of Sanergy

As a participant in our ‘5 Questions' series, David Auerbach of Sanergy explains his organization's approach to addressing the entire sanitation value chain by building franchise network of micro-entrepreneurs who purchase and operate Sanergy's Fresh Life Toilets in the slums of Nairobi.

1. Evidence-Based Development: A Trend Whose Time Has Come? The Case of Chlorine Dispensers for Safer Water

The most visited blog post of 2014 was the first in a series of three posts written by staff at Evidence Action about their Dispensers for Safe Water (DSW) initiative. In this post, Evidence Action Executive Director, Alix Zwane, lauds the growing support for data-driven development. She points to the DSW as one such example of a WASH innovation whose scaling was justified by the rigorous testing that found it to be a sustainable and cost-effective means of increasing access to safe water.

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