Treating wastewater through Bio-mimicry

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We have created a theoratical model to treat wastewater with the help of Bio-mimicry. For those of you, not familiar with the term - a short synopsis: On this planet, we term 'nature' as the most perfect system. Nature however took 3.8 billion years of R & D (what we call evolution) to become 'perfect'. In its perfect state, nature creates everyday miracles in a sustainable fashion - there is no pollution and the natural resources are kept in their pristine state.It contains > 30 million solutions, that we could mimic to solve todays problems. Please see - Janine Benyus's presentation on, get more inspired and get to know Bio-mimicry - something that changed my life for ever!!

Now, coming back to our model. We feel that we would be able to treat sewage water while it is flowing a drain without using any energy and hardly any infrastructure. Computer simulations have been carried out and it is all seeming to be promising.

We are looking for funding to actually test this model live in a drain carrying raw sewage. Anyone interested, may get in touch with us.


Sanjay Aggarwal