Unconventional Water Detection - H D Betz - parts 1 and 2

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Welcome to the Professional Water Divining group:

Let's kick off this new group with a scientific study of real water divining work in large scale water development projects in arid and semi arid regions. This 10-year study by Prof H D Betz of Munich University examines the work of a German water engineer and dowser working with the German aid agency, Deutschen Gesellschaft fiir Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ), and also a number of other tests and anecdotes of dowsing achievements.

The downloadable report is available in PDF in two parts in the documents folder for this group.


Published in English in 1995, the findings of this study concur very much with my own results and findings as a working professional water diviner over the past20 years.

The study is confined to examination of field techniques and results in dry regions with fractured crystalline bedrock, and only a few examples of work in sedimentary aquifers where these too are heterogeneous fractured aquifers. Dowsing techniques extend beyond the scope of this study,to highly effective remote-sensory survey methods that are very much harder to find a plausible explanation for, however this study was a major milestone in formal investigation of this sometimes rather controversial and esoteric subject.

I hope readers find this study both interesting and thought provoking and look forward to engaging in discussion of the findings reported here.- DLB (Moderator)