Using Songs and Games to Create Unforgettable Learning Experiences about WASH

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Invest in WASH Messaging:
The success of any WASH project rest squarely on the shoulders of the project's ability to ensure it leaves well rooted and self-propagating key messages. Most of us would agree that a project manager that doesn't dedicate a serious portion of the project's budget to education and training may return in 5 years’ time and see little benefit from their team’s hard work.

Creating the Unforgettable
So my angle in this discussion is not on budgets for education but on how to educate. What will give the best 'Bang for your buck'.
I'm not going to suggest that there is one silver bullet but I am going suggest that the more dynamic your lessons are the more likely your class is going to remember the stuff you want them to learn.

In song writing language we often talk about the dynamic range of a song. This can be typically 12-16 notes. A very dull song might have an 8 note dynamic range. A one note song is called monotonal. That's where we get monotonous from and that is usually very dull. So by increasing dynamics we increase engagement and possibility. The same can said for teaching style. If we're going to teach WASH why not make your lessons dynamic and engaging.

Games and Songs
There's no getting passed it, children love to play and sing. Actually they're really good at it. When my daughter was small she would astonish us all by repeating, verbatim, words to TV show theme songs she may have only watched one or two times. With adults of course it take a little longer but the child inside each one of us still loves to sing and still has well developed mechanics for learning and remembering this way.

We are experts in helping organizations develop such dynamic learning experiences. We can customize board games and card games, design special after school informal lesson plans, events, song competitions, texting campaigns, interactive street theatre projects and reshape your classroom lessons to create unforgettable learning experiences.

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