Video tutorial: Learn professional manual borehole drilling...

Learn manual borehole drilling in an animated video tutorial. Manual drilling is an affordable method to drill professional boreholes up to 40m deep. Jacana SMART Centre trains manual drillers of  boreholes. It’s very difficult to explain what is happening deep under the surface (40m). Why one tool works and another fails. The tutorial explains:

· Stone punching,

· Augering,

· Jetting,

· Hand and valve sludging,

· Why boreholes collapse and how to prevent it,

· Fishing out broken tools,

· Drill log,

· Casing design and installation,

· Gravel pack,

· Hygienic seal,

· Back filling

and more

This tutorial is a combination of videos and animations and shows also the hidden parts of the drilling process.

All tools are locally made (in rural Africa) with local materials and trained skills. There are free manuals available at



Good luck,


Rik Haanen