Wastewater Recovery System Industry Future Predication, 2024.

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The global wastewater recovery system industry based on technology can be segmented as reverse osmosis, media filtration, membrane filtration, and activated carbon. Membrane based filtration and reverse osmosis technologies are presently dominating the industry due to effectiveness of around 90 % recovery of water. Activated carbon will witness moderate growth due to its inefficiency in removing minerals, salts, and dissolved inorganic compounds. 

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Based on end-use wastewater recovery system industry is segmented in industries including food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, oil & gas, metal mining, and chemicals. Food & beverages industry is dominating the industry owing to increase in wastewater disposal surcharge, and desire for a smaller carbon footprints motivating them to invest in on-site wastewater treatment system. Chemical industry is going to witness significant growth subject to various guidelines and standards formed by government of different countries with which it trades.