Wastewater Treatment Webinar

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We are currently in the process of preparing to present our Wastewater Treatment Works webinar, scheduled for 19-20 September 2022.

The course will educate professionals on how to characterize sewage and wastewater, where wastewater originates from and what the objectives of treatments are, understanding the importance of wastewater treatment and the regulations governing it, knowledge of smaller, decentralized sewage treatment plants, and delegates are taught how to compile a Wastewater Risk Abatement Plan, which is the most important tool to manage a wastewater treatment system.

The basic processes of municipal wastewater treatment works are discussed, and knowledge of the different process units at municipal wastewater treatment works and smaller decentralized sewage treatment plants. Lastly, delegates are equipped to operate and maintain wastewater treatment works and troubleshoot process failures.

Accredited with ECSA = 2CPD points @ R5490.22 ex VAT on our early-bird rates.

Please inbox me for the training prospectus.