Water culture in Egypt

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Water is considered fundamental for life, as living creations can't survive for long without it.
Egyptians, as religious people, drive lots of their culture features from their beliefs. The Bible referred that
God instructed Proit Moses to strike a rock, and out of this linty hardness lowed suficient water to meet
the needs of all people and their livestock, the Bible writers later saw this rock as a symbol of Christ. Quran
has deepened the basic belief of water importance through the text, that all living organisms are originated
from water. Throughout man's history, the basic requirement for water has led developing communities to
be centralized along waterways due to the power and life sustaining qualities that water provides. Modern
societies are often inluenced by man's dependence on water for the sustenance of life. Runoff from hills,
mountains, and plains, lowing across watersheds, and channeling water into nearby ponds, lakes, and
rivers provides the moisture required to produce crops and support both animal and plant life on which man
feeds. Rivers provide the means to transport grains, minerals, materials, products from one region to another.
This article Water culture in Egypt by Abdallah Gad reviews the footprint of water importance in different phases of Egyptian culture though out the history.