Water Diversion

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The need for reliable water supply has lead governments and other interested parties to embark on water diversion projects utilizing canals. Canals offer cheap transportation of large quantities of water.

Eastern Route Project (ERP) is one of the water diversion projects being implemented or planned.
This project will divert water from the lower reach of Changjiang north to supply water for the eastern Huang-Huai-Hai Plain with the termination in Tianjin City by raising water in stages through Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal.

There will be two diversion spots, sanjiangying where Huaihe River enters Changjimg and Gaogang where Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal crosses Changjiang. The diversion channel will be 1156 km in total length from Changjiang to Tianjin trunk route, including 646 km section in the south of Huanghe, 17 km Huanghe-crossing section, 493 km section in the north of Huanghe. There will be 740 km in a total length of subsidiary routes including 665 km in the south of Huanghe. 90% of the diversion channel will be made for use of the existing river channels. More information: