Water Governance for Sustainable Development (WGSD)

WGSD can be discussed uhder the following sub-themes:

Section I: Water Governance & Water institutions: Problems and Possibilities

A. Developments in the field of water governance

B. Exploring promise and issues on a global scale

C. Public-private partnership in irrigation and drainage

D. Water use entitlements - possibility of trade

E. Domestic water supply towards redressing inequities

Section II: Adaptive Water Governance - the key to sustainable water use

A. Issues of local governance on irrigation management transfer

B. Governing water management and canal irrigation scheme

C. Governing irrigation management transfer to farmers and emerging rules

D. Water institutions for people and businesses

E. Water conflict analysis and its resolution

Section III: Environmental Health Issues vis -à-vis water and sanitation - a crisis of water governance

A. Water quality and quantity determinants for domestic, agricultural and industrial uses including tourism and amusement

B. Governing water resources and food security

C. Regulating dam release and improvements in water supply in irrigation scheme

D. Impact of institutional changes within small-scale groundwater irrigated systems

E. Water governance by developing adaptive capacity to incorporate climate variability and change

F. Governance of ocean water, marine and coastal ecosystems

Section IV: Failures & success of water Governance - Its impact on stakeholders

A. Empowerment of local governance in smallholder irrigation schemes

B. Role of development in irrigation management

C. Stakeholder involvement and support in water management: understanding pitfalls in participation in various sectors of economy