Water network Software Design and Support

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Good morning every one... Where i am it's 9:00 am

I'm really happy to be a member of this group where it's possible to share knowledge and discuss about water issues.

I'm a young team leader and phD student working on the design and implementation of a standalone water distribution system (WDS) modeling and optimizing software . First we aim to build a core based on classical techniques for extended period and some transient simulations. We project to enrich this core with some advanced GIS techniques relative to Urban Water network Systems and Water Resources management. Then, we aim to propose some optimization modules for the quick and reliable design of new systems (huge or not), quick financial project impact and the monitoring of existing systems with machine learning.

What is interesting there is that, we aim to consider specific constraints relative to some poor and developing countries with a robust software based on Advanced Optimisation and Machine learning techniques for quicker and reliable technical and financial assessment to make good decisions and manage better the funds. 

Please is there a possibility to get anykind of financial or technical aid for this type of project considering his interesting socio technical impact for poor and developing countries ? 

Please let us know if there are some organisations or people who could be interested or concerned ...

Thank you very much