What Happened to Edible Water?

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What Happened to Edible Water?

At one point, everyone was talking about edible water and the product seemed to have gone viral, not just in the world of water professionals.

Was there a flaw in the concept?

Since Ooho says they used a seaweed extract, it has to be Sodium Alginate (extracted from the cell walls of brown algae). It is safe for human consumption, it is cheap and very small amounts of the Sodium Alginate powder are sufficient for creating the jelly-like material.

The potential problems I see here are:

Do you think it was not profitable enough to make edible water, due to the lack of sturdy packaging and sensitivity to temperature and pressure or do you think the world is not ready to give up on plastic bottles?

What is the best product that you've heard about that could potentially eliminate a specific type of plastic?