What indices or data sets do you use to benchmark water footprint or sustainability progress of countries and companies?

Joyce Coffee, who's leading the Notre Dame Global Adaptation Index, and a team of sustainability experts around the globe detailed the Business Case for Responsible Corporate Adaptation, which shows how the ND-GAIN has been applied to inform corporate decisions and operations.

The ND-GAIN data is open source, and aiding business in managing and minimizing the risk of global operations.

I've come across a number of different benchmarks and open data resources in the industry:

CDP Water Questionnaire and Disclosure: https://www.cdp.net/en-US/Respond/Pages/CDP-Water-Disclosure.aspx

Open Water Data Initiative, http://acwi.gov/spatial/owdi/

Nalco's Water Risk Monetizer, https://tool.waterriskmonetizer.com/login.htm

Future Fit Business Benchmark (in use by International Society of Sustainability Professionals): http://futurefitbusiness.org

QUESTION FOR COMMUNITY: What other benchmarks or questionnaires should be on this list, and what are you using to track enterprise progress against goals? Lastly, what are the three most important attributes of an industry benchmark or index?

Thanks in advance for your input!