Why water is not a business?

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You can read the simplest and most complete answer in the Resolution 64/292, approved by UN in 2010: Water is a "Universal Human Right". All the potential questions, arguments or debates on the marketization of water are overtaken by this statement. Water is an essential right for humans (and of course for the rest of the living things); and this right is universal, which implies that water must be guaranteed all over the world. And this hard task of making water accessible for all of us must be developed by the States, independently of ideologies. The defense and guarantee of this right involve all the aspects related to this intricate issue, from technologic maintenance and enhancement of physical infrastructures to the security of a global provisioning. All the measurements imply the establishment of legal and regulatory instruments, indispensable to protect water resources from the speculation. There is not place here for the minorities' enrichment or multinational business; there is only the unquestionable right to have water in quantity and conditions adjusted to the human requirements.

Therefore, initiatives like this one http://www.right2water.eu/ are not only brave and fair, but undoubtedly needed. "Water is a human right" is an ECI (European Citizens' Initiative), a new tool designed to provide with voice to people's demands, a real democratic instrument to lead people's opinion directly to the European Union political Agenda. I still can understand why take us so long to defend something so obvious as the right to water in a living being totally dependent on it, but in my country there is a prober which says "late is better than never". Thus, I say: congratulations! and thank you, very much and sincerely, to the organizations which have launched this initiative and all the supporters. WE NEED TO REACH ONE MILLION FIRMS!