A Review of ​State-of-the-​Art Technologies ​in Dye Containing ​Wastewater ​Treatment

A Review of ​State-of-the-​Art Technologies ​in Dye Containing ​Wastewater ​Treatment

A Review of State-of-the- Art Technologies in Dye Containing Wastewater Treatment – The Textile Industry Case

Serkan Arslan, Murat Eyvaz, Ercan Gürbulak and Ebubekir Yüksel

DOI: 10.5772/64140 


  Recently, new single or hybrid/combined processes have attracted much attention for treatment of textile and dyeing wastewaters. These processes which may be termed as ȃstate of the art technologiesȄ are membrane separation processes, ultra‐ sonic, photochemical and electrochemical processes. “lthough the conventional methods still have been tried with some new materials such as, new adsorbents or coagulants, employing the new generation methods such as, electrocagulation-elec‐ trooxidation, sonooxidation or photo oxidation are gaining in popularity when the treatment of textile wastewaters is discussed.

The purpose of the book chapter is to bring an overview on the new treatment methods for textile wastewaters, one of the most important source of environmental pollution. Despite the fact that there is no uniform standard currently, many countries have legalized some strict discharging standards and scientists and researchers face new technologies including electrical, sonic, magnetic, optical and thermal methods. “lthough many researches on treat‐ ment of synthetic or real wastewaters with various methods are available, very few researches have been carried out on the cutting-edge technologies.

Moreover, there are a lot of review article or book chapters on textile wastewater treatment process‐ es individually based on each conventional process such as coagulation, adsorption, chemical oxidation, and biological decolorization.

Therefore, in this part of the book, following major and minor titles are stated truly on the aforementioned new technologies. ”esides, these parts are not only about cutting-edge technologies, but also related with conventional methods and their new applications in colored wastewater treatment area briefly.

Keywords: Textile wastewater treatment, decolorization, membrane processes, ultrasonic treatment processes, electrochemical treatment processes, photochemical treatment processes, hybrid processes

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