Bottled Water Industry 'Best Practices' Guidance

Bottled Water Industry 'Best Practices' Guidance

2016 Best Practices Framework Guidance. Prepared for: International Bottled Water Association.

OJOSi58.jpgIntroduction IBWA Best Practices Framework 1 In July 2016, the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) distributed a water stewardship and best practices survey to all members with the intent of developing a best practices framework.

The survey participants provided examples of best practices in addition to identifying other common water stewardship opportunities at a facility and community level.

To develop the best practices framework, IBWA combined information from three resources: consolidated best practices from the member surveys, key points from Ceres Aqua Gauge™ framework(1), and common best practice examples from beverage industry subject matter experts.

The best practices framework is designed for all IBWA members to use, regardless of production size, location, and/or development stage of their water stewardship program (e.g., some who may be getting started in this space, while others may have more formal practices in place). To broaden application, key aspects of each best practice were divided into three approach categories: initial, advanced, and leading.

Categories are designed as “checklists” for users to evaluate their current state of operations and identify opportunities for implementation. These practices do not need to be completed in sequence – e.g., a user does not need to fulfill all aspects of the Initial category before moving on to Advanced.

Members are encouraged to work through the categories with current operations in mind, and to select practices that are a best fit for their operations today and in the future‚Äč

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