Dimmit Utility WSC (A Project that go from Privet to Intergovernmental)


The land owners have locked their price of just compensation for 20 years, to assure the funding would be possible, which it is. Normally, the water price would have a small yearly increase for this project. However, the yearly increased revenues would be diverted back into the project for the first 20 years. 
Also, in addition this project cost includes , Aquifer Recharge and Water Export Tax fund as well ($0.17 per 1000 gallons) .
Added water from Kenny County Texas and Zavala County Texas  more than in what was in the report of the Laredo Hydrology expert. 
So even a greater water Volume then before.   Now  biggest Volume so far.

  Dimmit Utility WSC welcomes more water types to add to water grids for Texas. All water Brackish ,d-salt water,Ground water Plus reclamation river water permit etc.  DUWSC Land Owners  granting access to Texas Utilities to the privately owned land and ground water in an joint agreement to take water for public use. Then too provide all Professionals needed to achieve the project completion too, the Texas Public Water Utilities desires. Also with no risk cost to land owners or Texas Public Water Utility’s the risk of cost is privet finance for a tax free return they are willing to take that risk cost we (land owners & Texas Utility’s) are not wanting too.