Document - Grey Water Treatment Systems

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Document  - Grey Water Treatment Systems

Grey Water Treatment Systems: A Review 

Lina Abu-Ghunmi 
Grietje Zeeman 
Manar Khaled Fayyad 
Jules van Lier 

This review aims to discern a treatment for grey water by examining grey water characteristics, reuse standards, technology performance and costs. The review reveals that the systems for treating grey water, whatever its quality, should consist of processes that are able to trap pollutants with a small particle size and convert organic matter to mineralized compounds. For efficient, simple and affordable treatment of grey water with safe effluent reuse, a combined anaerobic-aerobic process is recommended, with disinfection being an optional step. The removal and subsequent conversion of suspended and colloidal particles in the anaerobic process need further improvement. Furthermore, the reuse standards should be revised and classified considering the reuse options and requirements.