Poseidon—Decision Support Tool for Water Reuse

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Poseidon—Decision Support Tool for Water Reuse

Poseidon—Decision Support Tool for Water Reuse

Emmanuel Oertlé, Christoph Hugi, Thomas Wintgens and Christos A. Karavitis 


In an era when many water systems worldwide are experiencing water stress regarding water quantity and quality, water reuse has received growing attention as one of the most promising integrated mitigating solutions. Nevertheless, the plethora of technologies and their combinations available, as well as social, economic, and environmental constraints, often make it complex for stakeholders and especially decision makers to elicit relevant information.

The scope of the current study is to develop a decision support tool that supports pre-feasibility studies and aims at promoting water reuse and building capacities in the field. The tool developed currently encompasses 37 unit processes combined into 70 benchmark treatment trains. It also contains information on water quality standards and typical wastewater qualities. It estimates the removal performances for 12 parameters and the lifecycle costs including distribution. The tool and all underlying data are open access and under continuous development. The underlying systemic approach of the tool makes it intuitive also for users with limited prior knowledge in the field to identify most adequate solutions based on a multi-criteria assessment.

This should help to promote water reuse and spearhead initiates for more detailed feasibility and design commissioning for implementation of water reuse schemes.

Keywords : water reuse (WR); decision support tool (DST); option selection; wastewater recycling; water reclamation; integrated water resources management (IWRM); unit processes (UP); treatment trains (TT); multi-criteria analysis (MCA)

Water 2019, 11(1), 153; DOI: 10.3390/w11010153

Source: MDPI