Restrained Socket Joints

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Restrained Socket Joints

Restrained ​socket joints ​are needed when ​the forces ​generated by ​the internal ​pressure are ​not to be ​absorbed by ​thrust blocks ​or when the ​pipes and ​fittings are ​still to have a ​degree of ​mobility or ​flexibility. ​

There are a ​number of ​different ​restraining ​systems. A ​variety of ​forces act on ​the pipeline ​and the ​resultant force ​arising from ​these has to be ​calculated. ​

Some examples ​of installed ​pipelines are ​described. A ​further ​application is ​in the field of ​trenchless ​installation ​and replacement ​techniques (see ​Chapter 22). ​