Study on Scaling up Latrine and Excreta Management in Rural Communities of Afghanistan

The overall objective of the study was to identify the trends of scaling up latrine construction and excreta management in rural communities of Afghanistan. A total of 418 households were visited and interviewed and 30 focus group discussions were conducted. The study found that a total of 93.6% of the households had some form of a latrine, of which 47.5% of the latrines were improved and newly constructed since 2010 and only 42% the observed latrines were hygienic or safe. Ninety per cent of the interviewees said that all members of the family are using the latrine all the time.  Seventy percent of latrine owners bury excreta nearby lands or yard for awhile and then use it as fertilizer. Trends of latrine scaling up were occurred more in IDPs and returnees settlements.