Water Quality Analysis Laboratory Procedures Syllabus, 1978, USU

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Water Quality Analysis Laboratory Procedures Syllabus, 1978, USU

The 1976 edition of "Methods for Chemical Analysis of Water and Wastes" describes chemical analytical procedures to be used in Water Quality Office (WQO) laboratories. The methods were chosen through the combined efforts of the Regional Analytical Quality Control (AQC) Coordinators, Laboratory Quality Control Officers and other senior chemists in both federal and state laboratories. Method selection was based on the following criteria:

  1. The method should measure the desired constituent with precision and accuracy sufficient to meet the data
  2. needs of WQO in the presence of the interferences normally encountered in polluted waters. The procedures should utilize the equipment and skills normally available in the typical water pollution control laboratory.
  3. The selected 'methods are in use in many laboratories or have been sufficiently tested to establish their validity.
  4. The methods should be sufficiently rapid to permit routine use for the examination of a large number of samples.

Instrumental methods have been selected in preference to manual procedures because of the improved speed, precision, and accuracy. Procedures for the Technicon AutoAnalyzer have been included for laboratories having this equipment available.