2017 Water for Food Global Conference

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2017 Water for Food Global Conference

Vaccines. Irrigation. Cellphones. Apps. These life changing, globally accessible advancements were first created in someone’s garage, kitchen or office. The 2017 Water for Food Global Conference theme, “Water for Food Security: From Local Lessons to Global Impacts,” is based on the premise that global breakthroughs come from local action. This conference will apply that perspective to the work being done to ensure water and food security for future generations. How can lessons learned from Nebraska’s groundwater management system help farmers in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam? Can irrigation technology be scaled for smallholder farming communities around the world? How do national policies affect agriculture and water security in other regions and countries?

The goal of ensuring global water and food security requires complex interrelationships among environmental, economic and social forces and examining our understanding of technology, natural resources, natural science and the environment, socio-political realities, cultural differences and public-private contexts.

The 2017 global conference will feature plenary and parallel sessions to explore the research, technology and educational approaches that are advancing food and water security for our world.

Join leading researchers, producers, business managers, government and non-governmental organization directors, students and other participants from across the U.S. and around the world for three days of learning, sharing and networking. The conference includes collaborative sessions developed with key partners of the Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute.