2nd National Seminar on Water & Sanitation in relation to Public Health

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2nd National Seminar on Water & Sanitation in relation to Public Health

Water and Sanitation provide foundation for health and are essential in the community's long term development. 80% of sickness in the world is due to water and poor sanitation. In past few decades, medical view of water borne diseases stressed curative rather than preventive aspects and saw social and environmental conditions as merely contributory factors to the spread of disease bearing pathogens. After the year 1999 when the Global Science Academy (GSA) had organized its 1st National Seminar on Water and Sanitation in Relation to public health , pace of progresses are still unsatisfactory with respect to preventive measures of pollution of air, land and water as well as lack of basic water and sanitation facilities and the Global Science Academy (GSA) whilst its contribution to one of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)- "ensuring environmental sustainability" doing its level best to help in re-framing development agenda beyond 2015 and the issue of ‘environmental sustainability' kept on top of the agenda.

The purpose of the seminar is to bring together participation from a wide variety of interests to explore the possibilities to solve important water related problems and to create a forum for discussion, and hopefully, a consensus on how scientific principles and awareness can combined in order to create conditions for real breakthrough in present disastrous situation in sanitation and drainage sector. It also aiming to widely disseminate the recommendations of the Seminar for fruitful and meaningful implementation of programmes to cope with the problem.