2nd Water Management for Shale Plays Argentina

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2nd Water Management for Shale Plays Argentina

Argentina's La Vaca Muerta has caught the attention of the oil and gas industry around the world. The Neuquén basin could increase the country's oil reserves by over 750 million barrels - and the region is also estimated to have 4.5 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

But hydraulic fracturing requires massive amounts of water - which is in short supply in many parts of the country. Transporting, storing and disposing of water also present significant challenges in this region.

Infocast's 2nd Water Management for Shale Plays in Buenos Aires will highlight new developments and water management strategies in this exciting play. The event provides E&Ps, field service organizations, water technology companies, engineers and others with a unique forum to meet, learn about the issues and get valuable solutions for cost-effective water management in shale plays.