5th Annual Water Reuse Tech Summit

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5th Annual Water Reuse Tech Summit

Nearly every region in the United States experienced water shortages in the past five years. At least 36 states anticipated local, regional and statewide shortages, even under non-drought conditions This has driven the tremendous growth of the U.S. water treatment market, which is expected to grow 6.0% yearly through 2017, to an estimated $13 billion in market value.

The need for increased innovation and investment in the water industry is clear. However, there are challenges in commercializing innovative water technologies to address water scarcity and quality issues. Only those with a thorough understanding of the water reuse landscape will be best equipped to evaluate the overall potential and economic benefits of implementing these technologies.

That's why Infocast developed its 5th Annual Water Reuse Tech Summit - the place where water tech, water management providers, investors all come together to network and discuss the latest hurdles and market opportunities to solve the challenges faced by this changing environment.