8th European Waste Water Management Conference & Exhibition

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8th European Waste Water Management Conference & Exhibition

The European Waste Water Management Conference examines and debates developments within the wastewater industry. We are currently seeking abstracts on all aspects of wastewater treatment including:

The challenge for today's operators of wastewater treatment plants is to deliver a consistently high effluent quality whilst reducing both operating costs and GHG emissions. Operators of more modern facilities benefit from the improved efficiencies that these plants should deliver while those responsible for older treatment plants have a correspondingly more difficult task. Across the industry there is a wide gap between energy requirements in the better-operated plants in the UK and those operated less well; this gap is more marked when benchmarked with exemplars of the best plants in Europe.

In addition to the problems of enhancing efficiencies, increasingly as our population expands, a treatment plant is faced with minimizing its environmental intrusion in terms of its odour and visual impact. Solutions to these problems can often add significantly to both the cost and the carbon footprint and yet with zero gain for effluent quality. Although the consents for many plants have remained constant for some time in terms of the determinants that form the consent compliance, attention is focusing more on priority substances including metals, pharmaceuticals and other personal care products. But these needs drive innovations and there are both novel processes and sophisticated monitoring and control options that can help plants move towards the efficiencies that they aspire to. Energy neutrality, wastewater as a resource and the nutrient factory are all concepts which are proving more feasible and that provide aspirational challenges for water companies to deliver.