ACE 14

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ACE 14

Organized by technical topic, this year's program presents solutions to water sector challenges in defined tracks of professional sessions that span the entire four-day ACE14 program. You will find sessions on key topics that address the full spectrum of the issue - from research to planning to treatment to management. It's the one-stop conference for the topics of your choice.

Strategic Leadership for Utility Management

As a water , wastewater , or stormwater utility manager, you know that new challenges and innovative solutions are part of the fabric of a water utility. Seven sessions in this track will explore many factors that are part of visionary leadership, including innovative planning and management of your financial and human resources.

Solutions to Keep Your Utility Thriving

Join the discussion as we explore the best practices for keeping your utility running smoothly—especially during times of crisis. Seven sessions will cover customer service, workforce diversity, and planning for risk.

Utility Project Implementation

Water systems are a vital, yet costly, component of every community and in today's economy, every penny spent is scrutinized by policy makers and ratepayers. Come learn from the experts in eight sessions that will cover project delivery and management as they discuss the business side of running a successful utility.

Communicating With Stakeholders

In the age of information, communicating with stakeholders about important water issues has become more efficient, but also more complex. Four sessions in this track will explore best practices used by water professionals to share critical messages about water with their communities.

Regulatory Compliance: Tomorrow's Solutions Today

With constantly evolving regulations, compliance, and policy issues, there's always something new to tackle on the regulatory front. This track presents six sessions on the latest developments on current issues and provides valuable tips for managing federal, state, provincial, and local issues that affect utility operations , management and, ultimately, the bottom line.

Think Globally, Act Locally

We all speak the common language of water. In five sessions, water professionals in this track will discuss their experiences in working abroad and provide guidance about the opportunities and requirements for working in foreign countries. Come join the discussion and be challenged to apply a global perspective to your methods, procedures, and practices.

Integrated Resource Management

Long-range planning requires careful analysis of risk and the interplay among all aspects of the water cycle . Six sessions in this track will be discussed as experts cover the best methods for incorporating risk and uncertainty into the management of your utility.

Potable Reuse: Trends and Opportunities

As water utilities seek to diversify their water supply portfolios, potable reuse is becoming an option for more and more of them. This track will discuss the challenges and opportunities of using potable reuse as a new source of supply in three sessions.

Resource Conservation and Efficiency: Practical Applications

Effective energy and water conservation programs reduce demands, operating costs, and capital expansion requirements. Join experts in the field of resource conservation to discuss best practices for protecting your resources and implementing programs that encourage wise water and energy use. This track will cover five sessions.

Solutions to Source Water Quality Challenges

It takes the entire community to protect local water resources . Seven sessions in this track will discuss methods and case studies for enhancing stakeholder collaboration and creating strong source water protection plans.

Pathogens and Emerging Contaminants: Identification and Monitoring

Interested in cutting-edge information related to contaminants in drinking water? Seven sessions will focus on the latest results and approaches to meeting drinking water issues and provide case studies and lessons learned. Consideration is given to emerging contaminants, DBPs, and premise plumbing.

DBPs: Monitoring and Treatment

This track will focus on the latest developments for disinfection by-products (DBPs) in five sessions. Come learn from the experts as they discuss DBP sources, monitoring , and treatment . Disinfection trends and lessons learned from real-world case studies are also highlighted.

Inorganics and Algae: Treatment and Mitigation

What's in your water? Join experts in the industry to learn about the latest advances in treatment methods for algae and inorganics in four sessions.

Water Treatment: Enhanced Design Principles

Come learn the latest in treatment plant design. Experts in eight sessions will discuss the best practices for designing new facilities and retrofitting existing ones. Case studies are included to provide on-the-ground examples of successful designs in action.

Rethinking Treatment and Distribution Infrastructure

The design and retrofit decisions you make today will impact your utility for decades to come. In four sessions, this track discusses the latest innovations and improvements in distribution and plant operations and design to help you make the decisions that will keep your utility humming.

Infrastructure Replacement and Renewal

Effective infrastructure replacement and renewal is essential to keeping water utilities running in top shape. Eight sessions in this track will present best practices for maintaining your utility's infrastructure. Experts will present case studies and discuss practical applications for implementing asset management plans.

Technology for Utility Operations

Keep things flowing in your distribution system with the latest innovations in technology. In six sessions, this track will focus on ways to optimize your system as industry leaders present the latest technological advances to make your job of operating a utility easier.

Optimizing Distribution System Operations

Efficient operation and maintenance of your distribution system is vital to your utility's performance. Six sessions will focus on distribution system design considerations, water quality and monitoring , and advances in leak-detection and water-loss control techniques.

Poster Sessions

Take advantage of this great opportunity to interact directly with presenters. This year poster sessions will be held on the exposition show floor. Four poster presentations will be displayed with posters rotated in groups and sorted by topic. The poster authors will be present for the full duration of each poster session to provide in-depth discussion about their topics to attendees.