Aquabiz India 2017

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Aquabiz India 2017

Global fish production has grown steadily in the last five decades with food fish supply increasing at an average annual rate of 3.2 percent, outpacing world population growth at 1.6 percent. World per capita fish consumption has increased from an average of 9.9 kg in the 1960’s to 21.0 kg in 2012.

India is the world’s second largest producer of fish and next only to China in the area under fish production, but it is facing serious challenges that are hampering realization of full potential of the sector. Besides being a major source of revenue, fisheries sector is increasingly contributing to nutritional security of the country. The   fisheries   sector   is   an   important   player   in   the   overall   socio-economic development of India.  The  sector’s  contribution  to  employment  generation,  food  and nutritional  security  and  foreign  exchange  earnings  is now  well recognized.  The fisheries sector has also been one of the major contributors of foreign exchange earnings.  During 2013-14, export value of marine products reached Rs. 30,213 crores.

The fishery sector has witnessed serious crisis during the last decade owing to its limitations to adjust to the changing environment. It is caught in a net of interrelated problems like lack of finance, lack of storage facilities and quick delivery of input, lack of ice-plants, lack of awareness of market information, uncertain quality of fish, faulty measurement system, lack of market infrastructure, imbalance between demand and supply of fish, low level of education among fishermen, and lack of availability of other and alternative profitable occupation for them, inadequate income and relatively high level of expenditure, extremes of climate, natural calamities like floods and draught, the tsunami, lack of appropriate policy measures, lack of transportation facilities, proper strategy to increase productivity in all forms of cultivable waters and the like.

BRAND ANDHRA PRADESH: AP First in Fish Production.

Andhra Pradesh is strategically located on the South-Eastern coast of India and is the natural gateway to East and South East Asia. The state has a population of around   4.95 crore. Andhra Pradesh has fertile river basins, extensive canal system and conducive agro climatic conditions for fishery promotion. The state has 974 kms of coastline and is one of the largest producers of marine products. The state’s coastline is also dotted with numerous major and minor ports and has a long sea faring tradition.

Fisheries sector has been identified as a Growth Engine for social economic development of the new State of Andhra Pradesh.  AP stands first in total fish and prawn/shrimp production in India since 2013-14 both in terms of production and value. During the year 2016-17, the total Production of Fish and Prawn was 27.66 L.T. with GVA of Rs.42,995 Cr. (Current Price) and contributed 6.40% GSDP. “AP Fisheries Policy 2015-20” was introduce duly providing incentives in aquaculture and fisheries sector to achieve 42.00 lakh tonnes with GVA of Rs. 80,000 Cr. by  2019-20.

AP State is considering as “Aqua Hub of India”. The state of Andhra Pradesh has been dedicated to produce quality aqua products. AP State is a step ahead in promotion of Surveillance & Monitoring of Diseases, water quality through Aqua laboratories, Pond Automation, IOT, ICT and other innovative technologies to mitigate disease outbreaks. There are a number of natural as well as infrastructure related aspects that have supported the exponential growth of the sector in the state in the past few years. Excellent Market Potential and fishing infrastructure like fishing harbours and major ports offering vast opportunity for exporting fish products.

Some of the issues which can improve the rate of growth in Fisheries in the state if addressed are:




The event targets a broad spectrum of farmers & participants associated with the fisheries based Industry and Allied Services, hatchery operators, feed manufacturers, input suppliers, manufacturers & suppliers of various aquaculture, aquarium implements & equipment manufacturers, officials from concerned Government Departments and Ministries, Regional and Local Authorities, Senior Representatives of Indian & Foreign Companies, Associations, fisheries based Research and Consulting Companies/ Institutes, Consultants & Contractors, Scientists and experts from around the world.