AWA Biosolids and Source Management National Conference

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 AWA Biosolids and Source Management National Conference


Energy and resource recovery , as well as sustainable and safe biosolids management are increasingly drivers to determine best practice. At the same time, costs around traditional treatment methods, mainly related to transport and energy are putting increased pressure on these options. Biogas captured from treating municipal and industrial wastewaters has powered a VW in Germany and buses in Sweden, runs sewage treatment plants in Australia and cooks dinner in rural China. The same nutrient rich product, biosolids will fertilise crop land and forestry when applied, rehabilitate disused mine sites and provide the carbon that can be sequestered into soil over time. Technologies that facilitate these benefits are advancing as the science behind treatment technologies and its impact on the complete train is improving. These are better addressing known risk factors, particularly microbial . At the same time however, emerging issues in Australia and internationally are generating new challenges for the industry. The Biosolids conference will focus on these very issues and concerns, hear the experiences and challenges being faced in the field, at the lab bench and at the treatment plant.

Source Management

With the ever increasing cost of water , wastewater generating businesses are aspiring to re-use the precious resource. Indeed early adopters have implemented strategies to identify sources of wastewater/ trade waste contamination and take steps to minimise avoidable contamination . This is not a new principle as proponents of Cleaner Production have been continuously improving their initial efforts which, in the past, may have bordered on viable. The increasing costs of water, in part due to the application of the "True Cost Recovery" principle by water utilities/authorities as adopted by most states and territories (via arms length Commissions/Regulators) is increasingly shrinking the divide between previously unviable re-use projects. The Source Management conference will focus on contemporary issues and drivers to Source Management.