B4E Global Summit

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B4E Global Summit

For the first time in history, emerging markets are proving to be the new drivers of global growth. India, Brazil, China and other emerging countries are shaping the future of the world economy, one that will largely be based on providing food, water and energy for more than 8 billion people by 2030.

Representing more than 80% per cent of the world's population and 50% per cent of the global economy, emerging markets hold increasing influence over global politics and the race for leadership in global green growth.

Major green investments are being made by emerging economies to ensure a greener, more sustainable future, creating new green jobs in services, manufacturing, agriculture, tourism and others sectors based on nature and biodiversity.

Under the theme ‘Emerging Market Leadership for Global Green Growth', the 7th annual B4E Global Summit in Delhi will look at the role of emerging markets in driving the world's transition to a global green economy, one of the greatest economic opportunities of our time.

Leaders from business, government and the NGO community will gather to explore inclusive green business models, innovation in finance and technology and propose industry commitments to action.