BASF Water Chemicals Exclusive Webinar

BASF Water Chemicals Exclusive Webinar

The appearance of dry patches on the tubes bundles of MED plants due to seawater maldistribution and film breakdown reduces the effective wetted area, decreases the overall heat transfer coefficient and causes severe scaling.

The expertise of BASF in surfactant chemistry, the strong know-how of the Water Chemicals team and the fundamental work of Dr. Heike Glade from the University of Bremen, allowed the development of a novel and sustainable solution for our customers.

Bascal® HP 100 is a highly effective wetting agent with excellent reduction of dynamic surface tension which makes it an ideal solution to improve tube wetting in MED plants, preventing scale formation on tube surface particularly at the edges of the tube bundles. 

Bascal® HP 100: The advanced and innovative wetting concept for your MED plants

On 15th May 2018 at 13:00 (UTC +2)*

Presented by Dr.-Ing. Heike Glade,
Engineering Thermodynamics - University of Bremen (Germany)

Co-presented by Mr. Stephan Nied,
Senior Application Chemist - Water Chemicals BASF SE (Germany)