BlueTech Forum 2022

BlueTech Forum 2022

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Renowned environmentalist, entrepreneur and bestselling author Paul Hawken has been announced as a keynote speaker at global water technology event BlueTech Forum.

A respected global voice on environmental sustainability and climate change, Hawken has consulted with heads of state and industry leaders and has spoken about his work on media platforms worldwide. He has written eight books that have been published in 50 countries, selling more than two million copies. 

His latest, Regeneration, Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation, published in September 2021, offers a visionary new approach to climate change. It is accompanied by online platform, that has the most complete listing of climate solutions in the world.

Hawken says: “Our approach to reversing climate change differs from other proposals. It is based on the idea of regeneration. Our concern is simple - most people in the world remain disengaged, and we need a way forward that engages the majority of humanity. 

“Regeneration is an inclusive and effective strategy compared to combating, fighting or mitigating climate change. Regeneration creates, builds and heals. Regeneration is what life has always done, we are life, and that is our focus. It includes how we live and what we do everywhere. We have a common interest, and that interest can only be served when we come together.”

BlueTech Research founder and chief executive Paul O’Callaghan said: “What struck me about Paul’s work, is the message of hope and optimism. 

“His seminal work, Drawdown, was a practical can-do guide on ways to reverse global warming. Positive and solutions-oriented, it resonated very strongly with me, so I reached out to Paul to discuss how we can take a similar approach to solving the water crisis. 

“I was delighted and honoured when he graciously accepted our invitation to provide a keynote address at BlueTech Forum. The audience represents a powerful community of change-makers and this keynote will send a very intentional message.” 

Taking place at the Vancouver Convention Centre, with nearby Science World as the reception venue, forum organisers are building an immersive and inspiring experience to bring the story of water to life and ensure enduring impact. 

The interactive programme will include workshops, end-user sessions, roundtable discussions and the BlueTech Innovation Showcase, with sessions centering on key research themes such as water quality, decentralised innovations, creative communications, circular cities and the road to zero.  Guests will have the opportunity to participate in in a hands-on team activity, involving the creation of nature-based solutions, to leave a lasting positive impact on the water environment of Vancouver.

We hope you can join us to take the first cooperative steps towards a future that includes a vision of regeneration.