California Water Summit 2015

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California Water Summit 2015

The American Society of Civil Engineers estimated that there is $69 billion worth of drinking water and wastewater infrastructure projects in California that will be needed to address future municipal and industrial water shortcomings . Thanks in large part to efforts by Governor Brown through the final passage of the Water Quality, Supply and Infrastructure Act of 2014 there is now $7.5 billion worth of funds now available, signaling that investments in water and that the long-term sustainable supply and delivery of that water are critical to California's future. Planned infusions of funding via this statewide water bond will create a multitude of new project opportunities and redefine the way California state and local governments use and invest in solutions to address the water crisis; and fund these new water infrastructure projects.

The competition for statewide water bond issued funds will be fierce, further complicating this fight for public funds is an obvious shortfall in the total funding needed to fully meet California's existing and estimated future water needs. In this climate stakeholders from the public and private sectors will need to find alternative solutions to meet their water needs. What are the local and regional programs, initiatives, and plans currently available to invest in improvements to California's aging water infrastructure systems, and to build much needed new water infrastructure? What are the opportunities and project types currently being invested in, and how are these funds being allocated amongst competing interest? Only stakeholders intimately aware of the Latest insights, lessons learned, and how-to maximize project fundability from successfully (public and privately) funded water projects will succeed in this climate.

Infocast's 2nd California Water Summit , June 29 - July 1, 2015 in Sacramento, California will give attendees the opportunity to meet regulators, investors, financiers, municipalities, developers, water technology companies, and other stakeholders in California water as they discuss: California's water needs, regulations, existing project funding and development opportunities essential to developing critically-needed water infrastructure in California. Don't miss your chance to take part in California's water revolution!