Caribbean Science Symposium on Water

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Caribbean Science Symposium on Water

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About the Symposium

Theme: Building Resilience in the Regional Water Sector to Address Climatological and Hydrological Risks and Threats

Water is intimately connected to the way of life in the Caribbean – reaching across

environment, economy, social well-being, systems of governance, rights and dignity. Many of the anticipated impacts of climate change, including unpredictable weather patterns and increases in the intensity of extreme climate events, have severe implications for the region’s water security and overall development. Increased incidences of droughts and hurricanes are already exacerbating water scarcity across the region, posing significant threats to human health and well-being and the productivity of key sectors such as tourism and agriculture.

Addressing existing issues confronting the regional water sector, such as challenges regarding the storage, treatment and distribution of available water resources, is therefore key to adapting the Caribbean to future climate changes and in achieving Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6 on Water and several other related SDGs. Water is also critical for successful climate change mitigation given its importance to energy security.