China International Irrigation Show

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China International Irrigation Show

Along with the gradually technology promotion for Integrated management of water and fertilizer , fertigation is more and more popular in China, As the world's largest fertilizer producer and consumer, China's agriculture Fertilizer utilization rate is still low. At the same time, Chinese agricultural water resources utilization rate is also fifty percent lower than developed Countries; And the world best way to improve the water utilization is fertigation.

Fertigation technology is the modern agricultural technology to combine irrigation with water soluable Fertilizer supply. Through the precise control of irrigation water, fertilizer application amount and when for irrigation fertilization, Not only can it achieve the intensive utilization of water resources, it can also be achieved to maximize crop yields and quality optimization, promote the ecological environment protection and construction, finally realizes the purpose to enhance the agricultural products competitiveness, to increase farmers' income.

CCPIT Sub-Council of Chemical Industry has held the China International Agrochemical and Crop Protection Exhibition(CAC)and China International Fertilizer Show(FSHOW) for fourteen years, we had accumulated a lot of customer resources at domestic and abroad, relying on large resources of CAC and FSHOW, rich experience in exhibition organization, we will launched the China International Irrigation Show to full display agricultural and horticultural irrigation technology and equipment, promoting fertigation application, to strengthen domestic and international technology exchange and cooperation.

We believe that fertigation will lead to the big change in planting technology, fertigation application development is being in spring. China International Irrigation Show (IRRISHOW) will bring opportunity and development for agriculture industry.