China International Seawater Desalination and Multipurpose Utilization

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China International Seawater Desalination and Multipurpose Utilization

21st century is a century of water, however, China lacks of water resource badly. The total amount of China’s fresh water resource ranks sixth in the world, but average per capita consumption accounts is only 1/4 of world’s average standard, ranking No. 109 in the world, recognized by the UN as one of the world's top 13 water-poor countries. To solve the problem of freshwater resources is imminent, and desalination is the best way to solve the global water shortage.

In the “11th Five-year Plan” and “12th Five-year Plan”, Chinese government explicitly takes seawater desalination and application as new-emerging industry Íand begins to support it. By the end of 2013, China has built 103 desalination projects, with an increase of 16% from last year. China's desalination industry has entered a golden period of development. In 2010, the total investment of global desalination projects reached US$ 34 billion, and it maintains an annual growth rate of 15-20%. In 2015, the global desalination market is expected to reach US$ 80-95 billion.  “China International Seawater Desalination and Multipurpose Utilization Expo 2016” is first creation in China. It will promote the industrial development of seawater desalination equipment and application, and build a smooth communication and cooperation platform among manufacturers, providers and users in the field of seawater desalination both at home and abroad. This exposition aims at boosting international communication and industry development.