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ClimEco4 is an interdisciplinary summer school. We welcome students and early-career researchers (less than 10 years since PhD)who are interested in research to address the complex issues facing marine ecosystems and the human societies that depend on them. We welcome applicants from the natural and social sciences, working on topics related to the ocean and climate change , who are interested in the challenge of crossing the barriers between disciplines.

ClimEco4 will focus on indices to evaluate marine ecosystems, including: what they are, how to construct them (for process/observation scientists), how to use them (modellers from natural to social sciences), and how to combine them to inform policy and decision-making. Lectures will include overviews of climate change (climate change primer), general information on databases (acquiring and managing large data sets), data analysis methods for indicators (statistical methods), using indicators with models (e.g. ecosystem and socio-economic models), and criteria and use of indicators for informing management and policy. There will be daily "hands-on" sessions, to allow participants to work with databases (bring your own if you have one!), indices and modelsto 'try out' the concepts covered in lectures.