Dam Safety: Optimising Operations and Maintenance with Geospatial AI

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Dam Safety: Optimising Operations and Maintenance with Geospatial AI

Join our webinar to explore how Geospatial AI can help you to direct engineering resources to the right place, at the right time, streamline your dam safety operations and optimise investment.

Lack of financing and attention to maintenance, upgrade and repair is one of the top issues facing the dam community, according to the ASDSO.

The risk of failure is increasing as dams age, budget and resource constraints are rising, and environmental impacts are growing. In the last 10 years US states have reported 250 dam failures, 539 incidents, with total cost estimated to rehabilitate the nation’s non-federal dams at $65.89 billion.

By 2025, 73% of dams will be over 50 years old. Without the needed upgrades and rehabilitation, these dams cannot withstand current flood and earthquake predictions*.

Register to discover how Geospatial AI can enable you to prioritise operations and maintenance by providing:

• 3-year retrospective data analysis to determine ground movement and seepage trends
• 12x remote insights annually for less cost than ONE in-situ survey**
• Objective, consistent, accurate monitoring

During the webinar, you’ll learn how Geospatial AI works, and get up to speed on the return on investment and successes some of the leading dam operators are achieving.

**Based on client experiences on monitoring one dam and the typical cost of one annual survey per dam.

*According to the ASDSO