Florida Earth U.S.-Netherlands Connection Programs 2014

Florida Earth U.S.-Netherlands Connection Programs 2014

Florida Earth U.S.-Netherlands Connection Programs 2014


In 2014 Florida Earth will bring two professional teams to the Netherlands: one focused on engineering, and one with a focus on policy.

The USNC Professional Engineering Team program is organized in partnership with the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the American Water Resources Association (AWRA).

The Engineering Team will be in the Netherlands from Monday, May 5 through Friday, May 9, 2014. The program approaches Dutch expertise in water infrastructure and management from an adaptability and resilience perspective, by looking at how the Dutch have developed life in an environment where the sea and riverine systems have posed serious challenges.

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The USNC Professional Policy Team approaches water infrastructure and management from the perspective of how the Dutch look at planning and implementation of policy, as they have adapted and have become resilient to their environment.

The 2014 USNC Professional Policy Team will be in the Netherlands from Monday, May 12 through Friday, May 16. Many of the Policy Team members are actively involved in the development of an Institute for Coastal Resilience, an effort by universities to provide expertise and solutions to sea-level rise challenges and issues. During the five days the team and the Dutch colleagues acting as hosts will facilitate the planning process of developing this potentially ground-breaking effort. A list of supporting participants to this focus will be posted shortly.

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With the reputation of the most advanced country in the world in dealing with water, the Netherlands has been working on water challenges for over 1,000 years. USNC teams visit with Rijkswaterstaat, which is the US Army Corps of Engineers equivalent in the Netherlands, view the Delta Works projects, which are the largest engineering projects in the world, and spend time at Deltares, the world-famous Dutch research institute. Moreover, they will interact with professors of UNESCO-IHE, the largest international graduate water education facility in the world.

Participants will learn about the 1953 North Sea Flood at the Flood Museum where we will be joined by the provincial Deltawater manager and a policymaker from Zeeland to discuss contemporary water management issues. The history of regional water authorities is highlighted during a visit to Kinderdijk, a small village situated in a polder with a system of 19 old windmills. Stakeholder engagement is a crucial element of adaptation strategies. Participants will hear about this firsthand from a management consultant who was involved in stakeholder involvement for the Room for the River program, which aims to give the river more room to be able to manage higher water levels.

Another highlight is the day spent at Rotterdam, which includes a visit to the extension of the Port of Rotterdam, the Maeslant Storm Surge Barrier (Keringhuis), and the Program Manager of the Rotterdam Climate Proof Program.