Freshwater for Food and Nutrition Security in SIDS

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Freshwater for Food and Nutrition Security in SIDS


(3 panellists from each SIDS region ) each answer one of the main questions of the event in two rounds (10 min):

  1. Can the lessons learned on water management from individual islands be expanded to other SIDS countries?
  2. Does the proximity of actors in bounded SIDS landscapes benefit the involvement of relevant stakeholders in increasing water use efficiency?
  3. How can the international community support SIDS to cope with climate change? 
  4. How can agricultural water management on the SIDS contribute to an improved FNS situation?
  5. What important elements should be involved in a Road Map for improved water use efficiency on SIDS?

Panellist consist of a representative of one Island from each region (AIMS, Caribbean and Pacific)