Future Drainage & Stormwater Networks Dubai

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Future Drainage & Stormwater Networks Dubai

Future Drainage & Stormwater Networks Dubai is envisioned to support Dubai’s drainage, sewage and stormwater master plan and associated projects with the aim to develop Dubai into a green and fully sustainable city by 2021.

100+ government representatives, developers, engineering consultants, contractors, academia, solution and technology providers will gather at the event to discuss case studies and strategies for developing, constructing and delivering a resilient drainage and stormwater network to meet the future demands of Dubai’s population and urban growth. Topics include best practices and latest technologies for tunnelling including smart tunnels and deep tunnelling techniques, sewage and wastewater treatment solutions, asset management strategies and modelling/ predictive systems to prevent flooding.

Future Drainage & Stormwater Networks Dubai will also provide the opportunity to hear updates on Dubai’s stormwater and sewage scheme, projects and timelines as well as to provide the platform for stakeholders to exchange knowledge, share best practice and most importantly, to play a part in Dubai’s future plans.