Geostatistical Methods for Geological Modeling and Hydrogeology

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 Geostatistical Methods for Geological Modeling and Hydrogeology


The characterization of natural resources and of their heterogeneity is an increasing issue for the environment : evaluation of natural risks, geotechnics, estimation of water resources , simulation of flows, optimization of measurement networks, evaluation of the efficiency / safety of an underground storage (CO2, waste, etc.), etc.

The course presents the appropriate geostatistical methods for these issues, from the implementation of sampling strategies to the quantification of the uncertainties attached to the modeling of continuous variables (top/bottom of geological horizons, hydraulic head, mechanical or hydrogeological properties) or facies data.

This course is aimed at engineers, geologists and hydrogeologists confronted with the modeling of the subsoil heterogeneity and with the estimation of hydrogeological variables. No prior knowledge of geostatistics is required. However a basic understanding of statistics is recommended.