Global Water Summit 2018

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Global Water Summit 2018

The arrival of new technologies, businesses and sources of finance are blurring the edges of the water sector and empowering the global water industry to connect, innovate, and rethink the way it does business.

The Global Water Summit has always been about connections: water meets money, public meets private, business meets opportunity. In 2018 we will focus on how cross-cutting issues emerging from the boundaries of the sector may drive performance and generate new opportunities for businesses who are ready to build and engage with the new models and stakeholders.

The world of water is being asked to step-up:

Business agility is essential in establishing a competitive advantage as key opportunities emerge with advances at the edge of the sector in order to shape a positive future for the water industry. The Global Water Summit will give you the insight and network you need for your business to be at the leading edge of these developments and to capitalise on the resulting opportunities.