How to Reduce TSS, pH and Harmful Algae - NIPSCO Case Study

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How to Reduce TSS, pH and Harmful Algae - NIPSCO Case Study

​Join experts from  LG Sonic NIPSCO , and  LimnoTech  in the free webinar. In the agenda:

About the speakers:

Kathy Hall  is a Senior Environmental Scientist with LimnoTech, where her work focuses primarily on effluent permitting for point sources and support for regulated discharges. She has extensive experience working with state regulators to resolve NPDES permit issues for clients, particularly in the energy, mining, and manufacturing sectors. Kathy has served as technical lead on water quality assessments, thermal discharge evaluations, and negotiation of site-specific effluent limits for toxics, nutrients, and conventional pollutants for a variety of private-sector clients. 

Lisa Brand  is the Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of LG Sonic. This innovative, Dutch company develops technologies to monitor and control algal blooms on large scale. In the last years, they have grown to a global company with projects in 96 countries worldwide. They work with drinking water companies, government, and (nuclear) power plants, to remediate large lakes and reservoirs without the use of chemicals.


Brian Snyder  is a chemist in the Chemical and Environmental Compliance Department of NIPSCO Generation. He began his career in the utility industry as an environmental chemist for American Electric Power in 2003. He began to focus on power plant cycle chemistry and cooling water chemistry in 2014. He started his career at NIPSCO in 2017.