In advance of Earth Day: Discuss How Water Fuels our Big Blue Planet

In advance of Earth Day: Discuss How Water Fuels our Big Blue Planet

In our April 2022 Collaboration, Global Water Works members will hear from three water sector leaders on the role of innovation, education and demonstration in advancing smart and efficient water and waste water management.

AGENDA (90 minutes) - 7:30-9pm IST, 9-10:30am CT, Thursday, April 14:
- Expert Earth Day Panel
- Q&A (15 minutes)
- Focused breakout discussions (45 minutes)

- Recap (15 minutes)

RESILIENCE: Melissa Meeker, CEO of the Water Tower, will preview Demo Day, which members of the Water Sector are invited to attend this Earth Day, April 22, 2022. The Water Tower is the first of its kind research, innovation and demonstration center, created to explore the industry’s latest technologies in the field and in the control room, to hear from industry thought leaders on cutting edge topics, and to network with public, private and nonprofit peers.

PEACE: Dr. "Raj" Rajaram will share lessons learned in a lifetime of progress with water resilient cities, buildings and citizens in his soon-to-be-published, "Climate Change & the Environment: How It Impacts us All." Raj builds on his experience with resilient solutions in the Americas, Africa and India, providing a practical framework for high school students to understand complex environmental issues.

PROSPERITY: And, Ramzi Bouzerda, founder and CEO of Droople, will detail the opportunity to use the Internet of Things to measure and manage scarce water resources to ensure sustainability and to efficiently manage facilities that support hygienic access. Each of the monthly collaborations also includes a discussion section in which participants network with peers, sharing examples of progress and raising questions and innovative ideas. Join us April 14 for the Global Water Works member collaboration:


BREAKOUT GROUPS - How does water produce Resilience, Peace and Prosperity in:

- Resilient Cities - Chris Sosnowski and Raj Rajaram

- Digital Utilities - Gigi Karmous-Edwards and Melissa Meeker, with Digital Twin on Display at:

- Peaceful Villages - Shannon Spurlock with

- Restored Lakes - Stephanie Smith with Dave Shackleton Renewable Water:

- Efficient Buildings - Hariharan Chandra with Greg Chick on Rainwater Harvesting and Reuse

- New Partners/Financing - Lauren Enright with Greg Baird on Property Values Fluctuating as much as 22% based on the pollution of neighboring water bodies.