Introduction to river hydrology and hydraulics course

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Introduction to river hydrology and hydraulics course

Sustainable catchment management relies on a robust understanding of rainfall-runoff and hydraulic processes, of how variability in catchment characteristics can influence rates and volumes of runoff, and of the relationship between flow and water level at any location. The development of appropriate catchment management solutions is also dependent on the ability to correctly evaluate the impact of different options.

The lectures will guide students through the fundamental science, the most up to date supporting tools, and will demonstrate content and relevance through a series of worked examples. This course is designed for anyone who requires an understanding of the key hydrological and hydraulic processes, and computational techniques. It is suitable for recent graduates, consultants, local authority staff, conservation and fisheries officers, development control and flood defence officers, and for specialists from other disciplines involved in river and catchment management.

Some background knowledge in hydrology or hydraulics would be helpful, or education to degree level in geography, civil engineering or environmental science.