Investing in Risk Mitigation

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Investing in Risk Mitigation

InvestH2O 2019: Investing in Resiliency for Pre-Disaster Risk Mitigation

Resilience-Focused Technologies, Equipment, Integrated Solutions, Project Development for Residential, Commercial-Industrial, Public Assets

About this Event

Background on the 2019 Forum:

With nearly $1 trillion in losses over the past 5-7 years for FEMA and other federal agencies, states-counties-cities, private insurance and reinsurance companies, industry and business operations from water- and weather-related incidents, the need for alternative investment and resource allocation could not be more obvious.

Persistent droughts, storms, floods, fire, earthquakes, spills-leaks, and the impacts on residential, commercial, industrial, public sector operations, facilities, infrastructure requires "unleashing innovation, entrepreneurial talent, new business models, and public-private partnerships".

For the first time in the US, we will convene a special round-table on "The Future of Disaster Risk Mitigation From the Perspective of Global Insurance-Reinsurance Policy and Underwriting - A New Collaborative Model for Impacting the Loss-Value Delta."

Invitees and Target Audience:

As we have previously, we bring together senior leaders from the technology, product, project development, financial, and investment sectors - international and domestic representatives - to align common interests, value-generation, and impact-goals. Our target audience are decision-makers connecting with resources and solutions to solve immediate and near-term issues, create new opportunities, and of course benefit from solid returns. Simply: this is NOT your typical investor forum based on the feedback from 700+ attendees over four years.

Agenda Summary:

Keynote Speakers: Global and National Resilience Public & Private Sector Leaders

Keynote Panels: Audience-Engaging Facilitated "Reverse Pitch" Presentations from Industry, Facility-Infrastructure, Government Senior Managers

Fast-Paced Technology and Project Pitches: 3-Minute Introductions

Session Breaks: Where the Real Work Gets Done

Annual "Innovators of the Year" Reception and 2nd Annual Youth & Student Inventathon Awardees

More Information and Previous Forum Materials: