IWET Webinar Series: Industrial Water & Effluent Treatment

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IWET Webinar Series: Industrial Water & Effluent Treatment


IWET Webinar Series: Industrial Water & Effluent Treatment, 25 JAN. 2021

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The third edition of this series will feature engaging technical presentations, case studies, and fireside chats with industrial water experts on hot topics of Industrial Water & Effluent Treatment plants, systems, technologies and processes.

The highlight of the event, as always, is our lengthy Q&A session - so, don’t forget to “Submit your Question” or “Sewage-Plant Related Problems and Queries” in the registration form here.

# Confirmed Benefits for All Attendees:
1) ‘IWET Special’ E-Certificates
2) Free Copy of: “A Curated Booklet of Editor’s Choice - Industrial Case Studies Vol.3” (E-Version)
3) Free Access of IWET Series Video Archive

# Industry Verticals: Open to all Industries, Consultants, Research Institutes

# Who Should Attend?
Industrial Plant Operators, ETP & STP Officials & Managers (Heads, Supervisors & Engineers), Project Managers, EHS Heads & Executives, Environment Consultants, Corporate Sustainability Officers (CSOs), Factory Managers, PCB Officials, etc.