IWRA World Water Congress XV

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IWRA World Water Congress XV

On behalf of the International Water Resources Association we are delighted to announce that the XVth World Water Congress will be held from the 25th to 29th May 2015 at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC), Edinburgh in cooperation with the Scottish Government. The World Water Congress is organised every three years under the auspices of the IWRA.

Global Water, a resource for development: Opportunities, challenges and constraints

In an increasingly complex world, water management is at a critical juncture at present. Even when it has to fulfill essential roles in promoting development, reducing poverty and conserving environment at the national and sub-national levels, water is often scarce, contested, polluted, mismanaged, misgoverned and poorly allocated. A main handicap has been that water management has often been considered as an end by itself, and not as a means to an end, the end and the opportunity being to achieve overall development, economic prosperity, improvement of quality of life and environmental conservation. Both developed and developing countries are confronted with the urgent need to support the increasing water-related demands of growing populations and of the energy, industrial and agricultural sectors, as well as to respond to environmental concerns with sources of water that are scarce, over-exploited or too polluted for the intended uses. In spite of its relevance in terms of security, water is often not regarded as a key determinant for development, absent from many political agendas. This congress seeks to explore Global Water as a resource for economic, social and environmental development . Hosted in Edinburgh capital of Scotland the Hydro Nation where recent legislation puts water at the heart of the national development agenda.